Insomnia je dostupná v angličtine na Amazone, iBooks Store a Smashwords :-)

Insomnia je dostupná v angličtine na Amazone, iBooks Store a Smashwords :-)

Pre Vianocami som dostala jeden úžasný darček – moja anglická editorka mi poslala zeditovanú Insomniu v anglickom jazyku! Na preklade knihy do angličtiny sa pracovalo už od vydania knihy v slovenčine a príbeh o žene, ktorá nikdy nespí, je konečne v predaji 🙂

Insomniu v angličtine nájdete na AmazoneiBooks Store a Smashwords 🙂

Prvú kapitolu v angličtine si môžete prečítať tu.

Tu je niekoľko citátov z knihy:


“How strange is a stranger to you? When can you consider someone close to you? Where do you draw the line and when do you cross it? When do you get to know his face? His name? His dreams? Or his fears?”

“To tell you what I did yesterday and what I’m planning to do tomorrow is difficult, because for me there is only today. My whole life is one and the same day in which the sun rises and sets, which for the ordinary people borders their day. To me, it’s kind of a vague illusion in which I have to obey the clocks and calendars, so I don’t go crazy.”

“I live my double life. During the days, I give out my smiles and autographs and sign contracts for more books, and at night… at night I am someone else.”

“When you spend each night wandering the streets, you start to look for a hobby or fun. Most cities are poorly guarded at night. Over the years, I have learned when they change a shift, when and where you can find unlocked doors and which fire escape to use to get there. But don’t worry, I’m careful. I spend weeks observing the place, I assess it, and only then do I break in. I don’t want to get caught.”


Teším sa, že po slovenčine a češtine kniha cestuje aj ďalej za hranice 🙂

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