Vladimira Sebova is a Slovak bestselling author of several novels. She is best known for her young adult fantasy novel Daughter of Winter (orig. Dcéra Zimy).

Besides writing fiction she works as a narrative designer in the video games industry.

Vladimira lives in Bordeaux, France.

Published novels:


  • Insomnia (Slovak), Citadella Publishing, 2016
  • Hypersomnia (Slovak), Citadella Publishing, 2017
  • Insomnia (Czech), Citadella Publishing, 2017
  • Paralysis (Slovak), Citadella Publishing, 2018
  • The Fall of Azael (Slovak)- Venupress, 2021 (co-author)
  • Daughter of Winter (Slovak, orig Dcéra zimy), CooBoo, Albatros Slovakia, 2021
  • Daughter of Winter (Czech), Fragment, Albatros, 2021
  • Insomnia – reedition (Slovak) – Lindeni, Albatros Slovakia, 2022
  • Son of the Underworld (Slovak, orig. Syn podsvetia), CooBoo, Albatros Slovakia, 2023
  • Syn podsvětí (Czech, orig. Syn podsvetia), Nakladatelství Fragment, Albatros, 2023

Upcoming novels:

  • Threads of magic (Slovak, orig. Vlákna mágie), CooBoo, Albatros Slovakia, 2024

You can read more about my novels on Goodreads.